"KordaMentha has used ForensicSoft's SAFE Forensic Boot CD on a large number of forensic acquisition engagements, from a few personal computers to over a hundred at once. ForensicSoft's SAFE Forensic Boot CD is an easy to use, time and cost effective solution. It's a fantastic product and an invaluable addition for any professional forensic kit."
- Ben Midalia, Manager, Forensics

"SafeBlock is a cost-saving, easy to use, fast and efficient write-block software solution that completely supports our digital forensic operations."
- Det. Lt. John J. McLean, CISSP, EnCE, CIFI, Officer-In-charge, NEMLEC Computer Crime Unit, Medford, MA

"I have found that Safe Block is not only more affordable than hardware blockers but runs significant faster to help speed up acquisition times. Not only that but we conduct imaging benchmark tests every two weeks to test our hashing and write blocking and Safe Block is perfect every time."
- Derek Ellington, Ellington IT and Forensics

"With the never ending evolution of hard drives and their interfaces driving my constantly having to purchase new hardware write blockers and the obscene vendor maintenance / warranty costs associated with them I was pleased to say the least when SafeBlock XP passed my NIST based forensic validation testing. For less then a third of the coast of the maintenance / annual warranty alone for one of my hardware device that only handled only SATA and IDE drives I was able purchase SafeBlock XP and handle literally every interface on my forensic server - USB drives, IDE, SATA SCSI and 51 different types of removable all substantially FASTER then the limited types handled by my hardware devices."
- Paul A. Henry MCP+I, MCSE, CCSA, CCSE, CFSA, CFSO, CISSP, CISM, CISA, ISSAP, CIFI Vice President, Strategic Accounts Secure Computing

"ForensicSoft validated products fit the strategic goal of ACPO Digital Forensic triage by speeding up the process of examining digital evidence. From a practitioners view these products simplify and contribute to the reduction of backlogs in Hi Tech Crime units. They are impressive tools."
- David Griffiths, Retired Detective Constable South Wales Police. Former Project Manager ACPO E Crime Forensic Triage Board.