Windows Forensic Boot Disk

SAFE Block To Go Features

Full Windows 10 Portable Forensic Boot Environment

Leverage your fully licensed Windows 10 operating system to create a portable Windows 10 write-protected forensically sound boot environment.

How Does SAFE Block To Go Compare with the original SAFE?

When ForensicSoft launched SAFE, the first forensically sound boot disk, it was an outstanding tool for its time. But unlike SAFE Block To Go, the original SAFE product line used a cut-down and time-limited version of Windows called Windows PE. Windows PE was light-weight and had support for many devices drivers. SAFE Block To Go is a fully functional Windows 10 environment with access to every Window 10 device driver available in the market. It is literally a Windows 10 forensic workstation on a USB drive. Insert the Windows To Go drive into any USB-equipped device, and boot using SAFE Block To Go and all your forensic tools.

What are the limitations to SAFE Block To Go?

There are no limitations. SAFE Block To Go provides for a full write-blocked Windows 10 operating system. Whatever you can do with your regular Windows 10 forensic workstation, you can do with your new SAFE Block To Go USB drive.

How Do I Create My SAFE Block To Go USB Drive?

There are 3 things you’ll need: 1) A Windows To Go compatible USB drive*, 2) The Windows 10 To Go Operating System, and 3) A license to SAFE Block Win10 To Go.

If you already own Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, Windows To Go is included with your license. In Windows 10 Enterprise, simply follow the instructions provided by Microsoft or go to Control Panel, select “Windows To Go”, insert your Windows To Go compatible USB disk and follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not own Window 10 Enterprise Edition, you can either upgrade or obtain a 90-day evaluation of Windows 10 Enterprise from the Microsoft Evaluation Center. To find a Windows To Go compatible USB drive, review this list. Once you have a running Windows 10 To Go USB disk, you will install SAFE Block Win10 To Go and all of your other forensic software on the Windows 10 To Go USB disk in the exact same manner as you have setup your regular your Windows forensic workstations.

* We recommend a 64GB Windows To Go USB drive or larger to ensure you have room for the OS and all of your standard forensic tools.

Where can I find information about Windows 10 To Go compatible USB drives?

Please visit this page to learn more about Microsoft Windows 10 To Go compatible USB drives.


SAFE Block Win10 To Go is the same simple Windows interface that the regular version of SAFE Block uses, allowing the user the ability to block and un-block any disk or flash storage device detected by Windows. Devices are listed in a tree by type (USB, SCSI, IDE) and, where appropriate, by controller and channel.

Block Multiple Devices

SAFE Block Win10 To Go provides the ability to simultaneously write block as many disk devices as are connected to a computer, without the need for multiple expensive hardware write blocking devices.

Application Independent

SAFE Block Win10 To Go is application independent and works with all forensic acquisition and analysis applications that run on Windows 10.

Used Where Hardware Write Blockers Are Not Possible

SAFE Block Win10 To Go protects the portable Windows 10 To Go Operating System, which is installed on your bootable USB disk. Using your bootable SAFE Block Win10 To Go protected USB disk, you can boot any Intel or AMD based computer and perform data acquisition and/or analysis without the need to remove hard drives. This allows you to forensically image MacBooks and other laptops where removing the hard drive is difficult if not impossible without breaking the device. Additionally, servers that have multiple hard drives attached to a RAID controller can be imaged as single disks/volumes without the need to remove any hard drives from the server. Unlike, previous Windows PE-based boot disks, there are no OS limitations with a Windows 10 To Go boot disk and drivers are available for just about every device and computer you will come across, including NVMe SSD drives.

Faster Than Hardware

SAFE Block Win10 To Go allows for write-blocked, Windows-based, disk imaging speeds that are up to 10 times faster than imaging in Windows using commercially available hardware-based write blockers. Hardware write blockers use interface bridges, hardware and firmware to write protect media, and in doing so bottleneck your throughput. SAFE Block Win10 To Go provides for full unrestricted I/O throughput with all your controller interfaces for drive to drive imaging with no bottleneck.

Automatic Write Blocking

SAFE Block Win10 To Go provides automatic write blocking of all directly attached disk and flash media, including IDE (PATA and SATA), SSD, NVMe, SCSI, SAS, Fiber Channel, USB, IEEE 1394, card readers (i.e. MS, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, SD, DHC, MMC, RS MMC, XD, M2, MicroSD, Compact Flash, etc.) and all other mass storage devices. The user controls automatic write blocking policies for fixed and/or removable disks. The user can have SAFE Block Win10 To Go remember the blocked or un-blocked status of fixed and external hard disk media for ease of use on media repeatedly used on a workstation. Remembering of USB devices classified by Windows as “removable media” cannot be “remembered.”

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SAFE Block To Go License Attributes

  • Single-instance use, licensed is machined-tied to the USB drive on which it is installed
  • Volume licenses available by contacting
  • For support and other technical questions please contact
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