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SAFE Block To Go

SAFE Block To Go creates the next generation forensically sound Windows boot disk. It provides you the absolute best forensic control boot disk in the world, far surpassing the capabilities of any previous Windows PE control boot disk including our previous SAFE boot disk. SAFE Block Win10 To Go is a software-based write blocker designed for the portable Windows 10 To Go Operating System and will not run on versions of Windows other than Windows 10 To Go. SAFE Block Win10 To Go provides for the quick and safe acquisition and/or analysis of any disk or flash storage media installed in or attached directly to any computer you boot with your Windows 10 To Go bootable USB disk.

Please note: ForensicSoft fully supports all versions of Windows 10, including Creator Edition (aka version 1703), and the new kernel-mode driver signature enforcement requirements.

Unlike all other forensic boot disks, SAFE Block To Go gives you a full portable Windows 10 forensic workstation on a USB drive. SAFE Block To Go adds the industry-recognized software write blocking of SAFE Block to your certified Windows 10 To Go USB disk. You can now boot and safely acquire and/or analyze any Intel/AMD-based device using your SAFE Block To Go drive. This is ideal for devices with drives that are hard (or impossible to remove) such as tablets and notebooks, including write-blocking and imaging of NVMe SSD hard drives. And you can now easily and safely image every RAID, SAS, Fiber Channel and/or laptop hard drive without the need for special adapters, controller cards, or any other hardware device not already present on the machine. In addition, even those drives protected by BitLocker can be accessed and analyzed. Read more...

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