Our Company

ForensicSoft, incorporated in 2005, is committed to providing tools that computer forensic investigators and legal professionals who handle digital evidence need. Our unique insight into the practice of computer forensics, our innovative research and design staff, and our top-notch software developers are producing tools to fill the needs in the fast-paced field of computer forensic investigation and digital evidence handling.

Company Principals

Daniel Dickerman


Mr. Dickerman leads ForensicSoft's Product Development Team, which identifies new tools to meet needs within the computer forensic industry. He has been a computer forensic examiner for over 10 years, during which time he has performed thousands of computer forensic analyses and has become recognized throughout the world as an expert in the field of computer forensics. As a lead computer forensic instructor, he has developed many of the forensic analysis procedures now used by forensic examiners from the US government and has trained thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, as well as computer forensic examiners in the private sector. He is a frequent presenter at computer forensic conferences including the Techno Forensics conferences and HTCIA on topics including VMWare, Enterprise Forensics, Advanced Data Carving, RAID Rebuilding and Vista Forensics. Dan is on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals and is an active member of the HTCIA.

John DiPippo


Mr. DiPippo leads ForensicSoft's Business Operations. Mr. DiPippo is involved in several business ventures in addition to ForensicSoft, including SurveyAdvantage and IONIT Networks. He also serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs in the Rhode Island market, and as an advisor for Brown University's PRIME, and University of Rhode Island's SPARC programs. Mr. DiPippo served as President & CEO of ADI Time, a leading software developer of labor management solutions, and executed it's sale to Asure Software in 2011. Prior to that he served as Senior Vice President in charge of software development and data center solutions for APC (the Critical Power & Cooling Services Business Unit of Schneider Electric), and has served as VP Business Development, and VP Marketing of APC. He has also served as a founder and CEO of two privately-held software development companies. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Lehigh University.