What is a software write blocker?

How does a software write-blocker compare to hardware write-blockers?

What drive interfaces are blocked by SAFE Block and SAFE boot disks?

Please can you tell me what legal accreditation/track record your SAFE Block product has?

Does your company provide any test data verifying the forensic soundness of your write-blocker?

Can I image and rebuild a RAID Array or NAS device using SAFE or SAFE Block?


Does SAFE Block Win8/10 support Windows 10 computers?

What versions of Windows are supported for SAFE Block?

Can I run SAFE Block on Windows Server 2003?

Can I run SAFE Block on Windows Server 2008?

Can I run SAFE Block on Windows Server 2008 R2?

Can I run SAFE Block on Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2?

Can I run SAFE Block from within a Virtual Machine?

Will SAFE Block work with drives encrypted by TrueCrypt?

Why does my iPod/iPhone/iTouch not connect to iTunes and Windows asks if I wish to “Scan and Repair” the device when I connect it to my computer running SAFE Block?

Do you offer volume license agreements or site licenses for SAFE Block?

After I have completed my purchase, how do I download, install and register my SAFE Block license?

How do I transfer my SAFE Block license to a different computer?


Can I add and run EnCase Portable to SAFE Block To Go?

Are the use cases for SAFE Block To Go limited to just triage like other boot disks?

Does SAFE Block To Go natively support server-based SCSI drives?

Does SAFE Block To Go support Mac computers?

SAFE boot disc FAQ's

What is a forensic boot disk?

What is your SAFE forensic boot disk?

Why is SAFE boot disk no longer commercially available?

Does your SAFE boot disk allow me to use Windows indefinitely on the target computer?

Can I boot SAFE using CD or USB?

Can I boot a Mac computer with the SAFE Boot Disk?

Can I boot SAFE on netbooks that only use flash-based hard drives and have no optical (CD/DVD) drive?

Can I use SAFE to acquire data from solid state drives?

How do I renew my annual support agreement?

Will EnCase 64-bit run in SAFE from the tools disk?

Why won't FTK Imager run SAFE from the tools disk?

Why won't FTK Imager browse for a destination file when I try to create an image in SAFE?